Wedding Photography in London – Caroline and Javier wedding at Battersea Park and The Gore Hotel London

Let me introduce you to the gorgeous wedding of Caroline and Javier. Truly awesome London couple with an even awesomer (if I can use the word) puppy called Bella. Bella was a major part of the wedding,  the wedding party and the wedding photos. She, yes, she’s a girl, was even featured on top of the wedding cake. How cool, eh?

They planned a bit of a small wedding, mostly due to the fact that Javier’s family is mainly in Colombia and they couldn’t attend a wedding in the UK. The ceremony was a small civil ceremony with lots of flowers and smiles. Afterwards we headed towards Battersea park in London to photograph some gorgeous family and bridal portraits. Yes, Bella was in the photos too.

The reception was held at The Gore hotel in Kensington, very nice and classy venue with excellent service. It was a bit gloomy, great for romantic atmosphere and close family gathering. Javier even managed to get on Skype with his parents in Colombia and they said Hi to everybody and managed to be a part of the ceremony while being thousand miles away. Technology is great these days!



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Wedding photographers in London – What do I wear on my engagement session?

One of the most asked questions that I encounter is the one of what to wear during my engagement session. Pretty much every wedding photography package that I offer includes a complimentary engagement session and couples often choose to have one. There immediately emerges the question of how to dress and are there any taboos in photography about clothing and what to wear.

Engagement photographers in London - Hyde Park Engagement session

My most common answer is to wear whatever you’re most comfortable wearing while you’re at your best. While comfy sweatpants and gym tops are super comfortable, you probably wouldn’t want your wedding invites or save the date cards to have you posing in gym clothes. I’m sure everyone has that one favourite dress or shirt that only wear on special occasions or when going out. The one that is super comfortable and fits you just right. I know I have one of those. There is an idea what to wear on your engagement session.

You can also try to combine styles so you and your hubby can look in sync on your engagement session. It would be a good idea if he wears casual jeans and a dress shirt for you to wear something in the similar fashion.  It just wouldn’t look right if you wear your fanciest evening dress and he wears jeans and a sports jersey. It would be better idea if he either dresses up in a suit and tie or if you wear a similar sports outfit.

Wedding Photographers in London - Two Hearts Photography London

Props and accessories are always welcome. If you have any fancy scarves, hats, boots and so on it would be great idea to bring them on the engagement session location. I always try to point to a location that has some sort of fitting rooms in close vicinity, so you can change outfits and accessorise. Hats with feathers, fancy save the date posters or signs, empty picture frames or dorky glasses are just a few random ideas to make your engagement session more fun and memorable. The best images are captured when the engagement session is a fun one!


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Wedding Photographers in London – Adriana and Gonzalo Wedding session in Central London

Let me introduce you to my second ever booked session in UK – the one of Adriana and Gonzalo. They are a lovely couple and they both wanted to remember London the best possible way by doing a photography tour around London. We visited St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye and they wanted a picture around a tube station. Funny thing about that is that there was some little girls blowing soap bubbles around the station and I managed to incorporate this in the photos.

The couple had a small family gathering planned afterwards  the session at the gorgeous Roof Gardens restaurant in Kensington, where they could celebrate the recently formed union. They are both moving to the United States in October and wanted some photos around London to remember their life in the UK . While Gonzalo is originally from Chile, Adriana is Colombian and they were planning a huge wedding in Columbia where they could gather all their families and close friends.

Adriana was a great fan of cold beer and most of the pubs in London, pretty much just the way I am as well, so we had to take some wedding photography shots with some quality beer in a random London pub. We had a hard time finding a not too busy pub around central London on Saturday, but we managed, as you can see in the last few photographs.

Let me show you this lovely couple:

Wedding photography at Tower Bridge London Tower Bridge London UK wedding photographer Tower Bridge London UK wedding photography Keep calm and say I do London UK Tower Bridge wedding couple photography London UK 6 Wedding photography couple in front of London Eye and Big Ben London UK Big Ben wedding photography London London Eye wedding photography London eye wedding photography Wedding photography in London - Two Hearts Photography London Wedding photographers in London - Two Hearts in Love Wedding Photography Big Ben London Wedding Photography in front of Big Ben London Couple holding Keep Calm and say I do in front of St Paul Cathedral London Keep calm and say I do London tube Wedding photographers in London - wedding in the tube Keep calm and say I do - couple in London cab Wedding photographers in London - couple having a beer in London pub 22


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Destination wedding photography – Do you offer that and where would you travel?

People often ask me if I’m willing to travel to photograph a wedding, be it to the next town or across the globe. My answer is pretty much always a resounding YES!

I love to travel and if I’m able to combine my wedding photography services in London with some traveling within the UK, Europe or across the pond, it would be fantastic! I thoroughly enjoy experiencing new cultures, especially new foods and meeting new people. Jus don’t ask me to try insects of any kind, it simply won’t happen. Not even for a million. Well, actually I might eat a cricket or two for a million, but that’s a whole different ball game :)

I would especially love to photograph a wedding somewhere along the coast in Italy or Spain, I’ve seen gorgeous wedding photography places along the beach there. I have’t been in many places in Europe just yet and I’m excited about any opportunity that might arrive.

Asian wedding ceremony London. Wedding Photgoraphers in UK

I’ve been almost all over the United States photographing beautiful brides and I would love the opportunity to go back one day as well. Two of my favourite wedding I’ve photographed in my life were on the coast of Georgia – Tybee Island and Jekkyl Island near Brunswick, Ga. They both reminded me a lot of my favourite place in the world – Key West.

London Engagement Photographer - Two Hearts in Love Photography London

If you booked a flight to Mars or the Moon, I might be interested joining as well! The adventurer in my awaits!



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Southall Wedding Photographers – Aysha and Kashif Traditional Pakistan Wedding Sneak Peek

Here is a very quick sneak peek from a lovely traditional Paksitan wedding I’ve recently photographed. It was a two day London wedding, when the the first day there was a traditional family gathering where all the bride and her family got together, sang songs, danced, had some excellent punjabi food and had a great time together. The official ceremony and reception was held at the Greanleaf wedding venue inside the Western Industrial Park in Sauthall. The wedding itself was a gorgeous display of the traditional clothing of Pakistan with lots of jewellery, colourful fabrics and very delicious food. The elders even made sure that I won’t leave the wedding before I’ve tried every meal that they were serving. There goes my diet…

Southall wedding Photographer London. Two Hearts Photography.




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Wedding Photographer in London – Tanya and John Sneak Peek

I have to share the last wedding I photographed, the one of Tanya and John. A vibrant and happy couple that tied the knot at St Anselm’s church in Southall. Their beautiful reception was held at the Concorde Club in Cranford, Middlesex.

The rest of the wedding is coming soon!

Wedding photographer in London. Two hearts photography London.


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Wedding photographers in London. Engagement sessions – Yes or No

Probably you have seen that most of my wedding collections include a complimentary engagement session. I love doing those mainly for two reasons. It allows me to get to know a bit better my awesome clients and gives my almost unlimited creative freedom in my work. At weddings everything is so fast and rushed, that I’m already like a well oiled machine – most of my functions are automatic.


At engagement sessions we have all the time in the world to create some unique imagery. Well, not really, because I really prefer to shoot as close to sunset time as possible while still allowing an hour or two of gorgeous light to photograph. I love doing engagement session at a cool, rustic locations such as cool urban areas, local park that have a lake, pond or some sort of water in them. I love deep woods as well, but they tend to attract all the bugs and other curious creatures that make me cringe upon contact…

Engagement sessions are complimentary and not mandatory at all when you book your wedding with Two Hearts Photography. Every once in a while a bride is willing to substitute her engagement session for a trash the dress or post-wedding session where she gets to relieve her wedding day once again. You can ask your makeup artist or hair stylist if they can offer a multi-booking discount if you choose to do a full hair and makeup for your engagement or post-wedding session. Post-wedding sessions are useful when the bride or the wedding planner didn’t allocate enough time for the bride and groom photos between the ceremony and the reception. Such as this awesome image:

Wedding Photographers in London - african bride and groom doing the dip kiss

Engagement photos are very useful if you plan to order some custom wedding guestbook, you can use them on your invitations or “Save The Date” cards. Props showing the date, for example, are a real good idea. No idea is too cheesy. Pinterest, for example, is a great resource for engagement sessions ideas and wedding planning in general. Many printing companies can create a custom wedding book for you from a template just using the photographs from your engagement session. We can create a custom package as well, one that includes a wedding guestbook along with an album, for example.

Please, if you have any questions – I’m always available for a chat! You can contact me anytime!



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Wedding Photographers in London – Wedding guestbook ideas


It’s time for me to open up aWedding Fingerprint Tree Guestbook new section on my blog about cool and functional wedding ideas that I’ve seen during my time photographing weddings. One of my favourite things to see at a wedding is a nicely created or unique wedding guestbook. Of course there is nothing wrong with a classic plain white wedding guestbook.

In many case couples have decided to use their engagement photos to order a coffee table type wedding guestbook and they work when designed properly. Wedding guests have the pleasure of seeing the happy couple at their best and sign under beautifully crafter photographs of the soon to be Mr and Mrs.

One of my favourite things up to date is a Fingerprint Tree guestbook where the wedding guests are expected to dip their fingertips in ink and leave a colourful fingerprint on the paper the tree is printed on. I love that idea every time that I see it. Guests love it too, every wedding I’ve been to so far that had the fingerprint tree as a guest book had guests excited about it and it’s not unusual to hear the words “Oh, how cool is that?”

Wedding Photographer in London – Gear list

People more often than not inquire about what kind of camera I use, so I decide to post my most used cameras and lenses that I use to capture precious memories at your wedding. I use all Canon equipment. I’m not a camera brand fanatic and I’m not afraid to say that Nikon, Sony and the rest make equally good or sometimes even better cameras than Canon. I just started with Canon when I purchased my first decent camera and I’ve stuck with them through good and bad. Yes, the 5D Mark II has a horrid autofocus on anything different than the standard central point, but you learn to live with it. Now the Mark III is vastly improved and I love it, but still I feel that most Nikon focus a bit faster than my camera, and sometimes more accurately too. Most wedding photographers in London have a preference on their camera and lenses equipment and there is no point in arguing about what kind of photography brand to use.

So here are my most used cameras and lenses:


  • Canon 5D Mark III is my main camera. Great colour, great high ISO sensitivity, very comfortable in the palm after long hours of photographing:
  • Canon 5D Mark III






  • Canon 5D Mark II is my backup camera and sometimes used as a second camera when I need two cameras to be quickly at my disposal:

5D Mark 2











  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II – The Canon workhorse lens, recently updated to Mark II version which is outstanCanon 24-70 IIding for candid shots, when prime lenses are too much hassle to change and use. At 2.8 is fast enough for most dims churches during the day and some evenings. On my camera most of the time during a wedding









  • Canon 85mm f/1.2 L II – Oh-Em-Geee! My hand down favourite Canon lens that I have ever tried, and I’ve tried them all during my deciding period and research which lens to buy. VERY sharp, GREAT contrast and colour rendition, SUPERB bokeh 85 1.2and depth of field. I can talk about this lens day and night and still not say enough how good it is. The only downsides are a bit slow autofocus sometimes and a bit of purple fringing wide open, but it’s not something that Lightroom can’t handle.








  • Canon 50mm f/1.2 L  – My second favourite Canon lens. It was my first ever great lens to purchase and I still use it extensively during weddings and especially engagement photography sessions when the 85mm is too long or there is not enough spac50 1.2e to use the 85. I was initially thinking about hiring it from time to time from local camera shops only when needed, but after the first hire I was hooked and had to have it. It took me couple of months to save up the money to purchase it, but I think the investment in good lens is always worth the price.








  • Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II – Another great Canon lens, which I unfortunately I don’t use much during weddings. Recently discovered that 24mm from my 24-70 is more than adequate for my wide angle needs and I only used the 16-35 for wide16-35 venue photos, during the ceremony when I want to include everybody in the photo and during the reception detail shots. Sometimes I take very wide angle photos during the first dance and cake cutting, but more often than not I stick to my 24-70.









Flashes, memory cards and batteries:

  • Canon 430EX II Speedlight. I don’t need anything bigger than that really. With the 5D high ISO capability and 430exlow noise performance at around ISO 3200 and 6400, any flash can produce excellent results. I often use warming filters on the flash during the reception hours when there is light coming from all sorts of different sources and colour temperatures from neon, LED or incandencent lights. I always carry two of these for backup and just in case anything happens.








  • Memory cards – I always use Lexar memory cards. Not any specific preference, but there was a time when B&H Lexar 16Gb CF cardCamera and Photo had a huge promotion on the 16Gb CF version and I stocked way more than I needed. I always prefer to record on Compact Flash cards due to their reliability, speed and general performance. Also I have to note than the Canon 5D Mark III is the only camera I have that takes SD cards and the slot is crippled, so even a fast SD card can’t show its potential.






  • Batteries – I use a combination of different AA batteries, but my preference always goes to Sanyo Eneloops. EneloopFantastic batteries, when properly charged by a decent charger and every once in a while run through a charge/recharge/charge cycle they seem to last a really long time. The other battery brand I use are Powerex, that came as a kit with my Powerex 8 batteries charger, which is great. The only downside of the Powerex is that they do not keep their charge as nearly as long as the Eneloops and I always have to make sure I charge them the night before a wedding so they have enough juice to last few hours of intensive photographing.




Thats about it, I try to keep it simple and light and not to be intimidating lugging huge cases around during your wedding. Sometimes I use off camera flash at the reception site, but that all depends on how much space there is and how well is the room ambient light.

Please let me know if you have any questions, inquiries or just want to chat. If you’ve ran across an awesome piece of photography gear or an awesome new light, please don’t hesitate to let me know!